Curious about what a session with me could include?  Check out Sessions: Short Short Version or Sessions: Now With More Details.  Questions about logistics?  Session Logistics

Schedule a 30-minute free consultation with me over Zoom.  We can use that time however you want:

  • You can ask any questions you have for me.
  • You can tell me about your situation and what you hope to get out of working with me.
  • I can tell you about which modalities might be helpful and how we might work together.
  • I can point you towards resources that address your needs.  Maybe your best bet is working with tools you already know how to use! 
  • We can discuss the support structures you need in your life before starting to work with me. 

Our consultation may lead to scheduling a session. Sometimes this call is enough to gather the information you need to clarify whether you are ready to jump in. Then, if you want to work together, we can schedule a session. 

[scheduling widget: coming soon….in the meantime, please send an email with a few times that might work for you.]

My intake form is here [coming soon].  If you prefer, I can email it so you can print it, handwrite your responses, and bring it to our first session.  Please allow me 48 hours to respond.  

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