Session Logistics

Sessions take one to two hours.  We will finish and log off (or leave, if in person) by the end of two hours, including time for integration, payment, and scheduling future appointments.  We end the session when we reach an agreeable conclusion, which is rarely less than one hour.  If you have time constraints, we can work within them, but your comfort and success increase when you set aside two hours for meeting and some free time alone afterward for reflection and integration.  

My day starts at 11 AM and my last session starts at 7:30 PM.  Weekdays are better than weekends, but weekends are possible.  

I offer sessions online via Zoom.  For fully vaccinated and boosted clients, I offer in-person sessions (wearing masks and with a high powered air filter) in my Boston Metro Area office, which is near Davis Square, Somerville. 

The first step is a 30-minute free Zoom call to learn if we’re a good fit to work together.  

Emotional Support

Somatic Sex Education involves personal changes that can be emotionally challenging, especially if an intimate relationship is already strained or unreliable.  It’s important that you have a strong and reliable emotional support system in place.    I’m not a therapist or mental health counselor, so if you need that kind of support, that should be in place before we work together.  

Super useful resource for you to identify whether you are ready to work with a Somatic Sex Educator:

I offer a sliding scale, $0-$300 per session; I don’t want finances to prevent you from accessing as much support as you need. The full price for the session is $240. Less than that and you are receiving a discount; more than that and you are contributing to make my services available to people with less access to resources than you have.  The full price has gone up in the past few years to take into account the additional training I continue to do and my 15+ years of experience in hands-on sex education.  

The “Green Bottle Model” in the graphic below (created by Alexis J. Cunningfolk) describes what range to consider within when thinking about how much to pay. (If you can’t read the text in the graphic, click on it for a bigger version) People in the right-hand bottle pay $0-50. People in the middle bottle pay $50-150. People in the left-hand bottle pay $150-$300.   

Green Bottle Model for Sliding Scale
As for where you fall within a particular range, it depends on what feels comfortable in your body at the time of the session. If you find it difficult to identify what feels comfortable, I support you in trying out different amounts in your head and noticing how your body responds to each amount.  The goal is to find an amount that your body responds to with ease and physical sensations of comfort, not distress.

If you want even more guidance, has a more nuanced text based description of how to determine where you fall on a sliding scale….scroll down past Ride Free’s fees and down to the Sliding Scale section. If the “Consider looking for free / alternative resources” category at the bottom of that page applies to you, please feel comfortable making use of my no-cost sessions option.


I work with you on your specific needs to the best of my abilities.  My office has two small steps to the front door and another step up inside, with no handrails.  Sessions are in a room that is up a flight of stairs with handrails.  With advance notice, I can set up portable ramps to the first floor for people who use wheelchairs and/or create a space to have sessions on the first floor.  The first floor bathroom is wheelchair accessible, including grab bars and a roll-in shower.  I use unscented laundry detergent, but use other scented cleaning products. If you need a chemical scent-free environment, I can come to you after an initial online session.  Although I don’t speak sign language, I invite your interpreter to be present or can use assistive technology.

Off-street parking is available next to my front door.  It is a 7-minute bus ride from the Davis Square Red Line T Station to a bus stop that is one flat block from my office. 

There are two dogs who live in the house. I can keep them in a closed room while you’re here.  If you are allergic to dogs, I recommend taking allergy medication before an in-person session.  The dogs stay out of the upstairs office, but their dander is present in areas that you must pass through to get to that space.