Sessions – The Short Version

How long will I be there?

Allow yourself 2 hours, but we may not use the whole time.

What will I pay?

I offer a sliding scale, $0-$300 per session; I don’t want finances to prevent you from accessing as much support as you need. The full price for the session is $240. Less than that and you are receiving a discount; more than that and you are contributing to make my services available to people with less access to resources than you have. More information on how my sliding scale operates.

How will we meet?

Online sessions are available via Zoom. If you are fully vaccinated and boosted, we can meet in-person (wearing masks and with a high powered air filter) in my Boston Metro Area office, which is near Davis Square, Somerville.

What boundries or ethical standards do you have?

Here are my Professional Boundaries.  I follow the professional guidelines for Sexological Bodywork and Somatic Sex Education.

How do I get started working with you?

Schedule a 30-minute free Zoom call to discuss your goals and figure out if working with me is right for you.  

What will happen?

During our first session, I don’t offer hands-on work and we both remain fully clothed.  Subsequent sessions, I stay fully clothed and offer you choices, based on your educational goals.  Then you call the shots.  Some options include:

Waking Up the Body / Developing Embodiment – What does it feel like to be present in your body and genitals? Noticing sensations, tracking them, and discovering how they relate to emotions. Learning to use, sound, breath, movement, and placement of attention to regulate your nervous system. 

Feeling Consent – What does authentic consent feel like in your own body? How does your body tell you “yes” and “no”?  

Mindfulness Based Self Pleasure Practice – Practice connecting to your body, genitals, and arousal in a gentle and purposeful way.

(Erotic) Breathwork – Use intentional breath to expand your capacity for relaxed arousal and more expansive full-body orgasms.

Guided Interoception – Connect your genitals to the rest of you by placing your attention on internal sensations.

Masturbation Witnessing or Coaching –  Feel truly and safely seen. Expand your mindful self-pleasure practice. 

Bossy Massage – Practice noticing what kind of touch your body wants, asking for it, receiving it, and then noticing what kind of touch your body wants next.

Genital Anatomical Mapping – Create language and a high-resolution mental map of your genitals, including all the yummy bits and the bits that could benefit from more presence and compassion.  Online, you provide the touch to yourself while I guide you.

Pelvic Tension Release and Scar Tissue Remediation – Pelvic floor muscles are muscles that benefit from massage and stretching just like any other muscles.  Attend to scar tissue and chronic pelvic tension to relieve pain and increase pleasure.  

Holistic Pelvic Care (for people with vulvas) – Non-erotic internal vaginal massage that invites breath, spirit, and blood and lymph flow to the internal vaginal muscles, tendons, and fascia.

Pleasure Mapping – A massage to discover the pleasure responses of your whole body and allow your body to create new pleasure pathways.